The 6000 clients of Bidfood will have access to quality information on 20,000 of their food items to meet the growing demand for information from consumers and the requirements of European legislation. In this way, daily information provided by Youmeal could affect nearly 1 million consumers.

Better inform consumers

This ambitious project is part of the strong trend to inform consumers about the content of their plates in the context of the food industry where the processing of information is of great complexity. Food stakeholders increasingly understand the importance and challenge of staying competitive.

Artificial intelligence

Thanks to its technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms developed over several years within UC Louvain, Youmeal will verify, correct and enrich in a semi-automated way a considerable amount of data in record time. It will also be able to support the constant variation of product ranges.

Thus consumers will be informed precisely allergens present in the products but also calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins etc. and ultimately vitamins and minerals, additives and even environmental impact. Some large collective restaurants in Brussels already use this technology and inform more than 10,000 consumers every day about the dishes they offer them through clear and comprehensive information sheets.

Facilitate the work of Bidfood customers

This partnership with Youmeal, Bidfood will be able to offer the best level of detail and quality of food data across its product range, which will greatly facilitate the work of its customers to themselves inform consumers. The reliability of the data obtained will provide an essential guarantee for food professionals to easily comply with European legislation INCO1169 on consumer information and respond to the growing need for information from consumers.

In addition, Youmeal offers Bidfood customers a software solution that allows them to automate the generation of allergen information and other nutritional aspects of their recipes.

About Youmeal and Bidfood

Bidfood Belgium

Is a leading supplier of the foodservice market in Belgium by providing its customers with multi-temperature and non-food food products. Bidfood is active in the sector of institutional communities and kitchens such as hospitals or nursing homes, in the Horeca sector and with major accounts such as BurgerKing / Quick, Sodexo, Compass, Pizza Hut or Delitraiteur. Bidfood is part of the South-African group Bidcorp, a leader in foodservice in Europe and present on 5 continents.


Youmeal is a spin-off startup of UC Louvain whose mission is to make food more healthy and sustainable for the environment through a cutting-edge technological approach to food data management. Youmeal recently completed a fundraising round with iconic investors to accelerate its growth and has convinced several important food players.