Sustainable consumption in France, in 2017? Do consumers really make the connection between food, their health and the environment? This question is at the foundation of what led to Youmeal’s creation. So it’s important to illustrate this in five meaningful points.

A recent French study (The French and sustainable consumption, Greenflex 12th barometer survey) is informative and confirms the relevance of Youmeal’s vision.

  • 52.9% of French people are aware of responsible consumption as a movement, which translates into consuming differently (labelled, certified ethical, local, less polluting products). This number has been growing since 2012 (by +12.5 pts!)
  • Health is the main lever for responsible consumption. 44% percent of consumers want to maintain their health by consuming responsibly and buying environmentally-friendly products in the first place since they are better for your health. Another telling sign of this trend: the presence of healthy and natural ingredients has become one of the most important points in defining a quality product.
  • Companies must take the steps needed to meet consumer expectations as distrust towards companies and brands increases. While 57.7% of French people had confidence in large companies in 2004, today that amount is 27% (-30.7 pts).
  • Everyone wants to bring about change. The French can identify and recall the complementarity of agents of change. Expectations are growing for individuals (75.4%, +2.1 pts), but also for companies (77.5%, +4.1 pts)
  • Distributors have a card up their sleeves!  73% percent of consumers believe that they can make a difference and, in the face of contested brands, distributors appear to be a more credible and legitimate alternative for supplying more responsible offerings.

Youmeal and sustainable consumption

Youmeal software estimates the average non-renewable natural resources used and pollution generated by the ingredients in your recipes. Your clients will appreciate your efforts to become more transparent! 42% of clients say that they have more confidence in restaurants when Youmeal information is presented. If you have a sustainable approach, you can even refine the results by specifying aspects such as the origin of your food.