A structured recipe means optimized operations | Youmeal
A structured recipe means optimized operations

A structured recipe means optimized operations

By creating a structured recipe with Youmeal, you ensure the standardization of your processes. Your material cost is monitored. Detailed nutritional information can identify areas for improvement in your preparations.

Consumer tastes and preferences are evolving. Recipe optimization is a recurring problem for those in the food industry. Every day, food professionals are looking to propose dishes that are adapted to the newest consumer trends at the lowest cost.

Youmeal has created an online software to support anyone who creates innovative recipes. Creating a structured recipe on our interface ensures the standardization of its production. Processes are streamlined and risks are managed.

Youmeal, le logiciel en ligne pour vos recettes optimisées

But our solution takes it one step further. It determines any areas for improvement in preparation. So you’re free to replace the ingredients of your choice with healthier and more sustainable products. You’re able to monitor material costs while responding to your clients’ most recent needs.

Structured recipes and the optimization of production processes

Youmeal is a tool for optimizing your operational procedures. It was created with your routine in mind. Thanks to its intuitive interface, create a structured recipe in just a few minutes. Choose your ingredients, indicate the quantities and the software will take care of the rest.

Using Youmeal frees you from constraints. Thanks to process standardization, any blunders are avoided. Your material cost is kept under control. Your legal requirements are met.

Standardization for a more controlled diet

With Youmeal, all the characteristics of your recipes are clearly indicated. No more surprises. Ingredient weights are calculated, before and after peeling. Differences in raw, cooked and frozen products are taken into account. Dilution and volume change are specified.

Standardizing your recipes means controlling your production. Processes are clearly explained. No matter who prepares your recipes. Even when you’re not there, this information is available and accessible. If someone new joins your team, your structured recipes clearly set out the steps to follow.

Improving your preparations

After you create your recipe, Youmeal generates a technical sheet. This document identifies all of the nutritional and environmental data. You can even export your recipes into an Excel document with all 55 data points per recipe.

For example, you can quickly see which preparations are too high in salt or saturated fats.

You then compare ingredients and replace less nutritious food with healthier and more sustainable alternatives. Once your new recipe is saved, the system will measure any improvements you made. Youmeal also verifies that material costs are kept under control.

Youmeal is a complete solution in favor of savings, health and the environment.

Optimize all the aspects of your recipes

A structured recipe means controlling your operational procedures and your cost price. It also means that you can offer a rich, healthy and diversified diet while identifying more eco-friendly practices.

Our analysis software’s precision allows professionals to have a better grasp of reality. For both ingredients and recipes alike. Now is the time to take a look at your habits, those which supply information to your clients.

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