The solution to manage various nutrition profiles
The solution to manage various nutrition profiles

Nutrition profile

Nutrition profiles are more diverse than ever before. There is an abundance of nutritional and environmental recommendations for food. 

Develop your offering to meet all expectations with Youmeal.

Health claims have taken over our society: “5 fruits and vegetables per day,” “eat less fat, less sugar, less salt” and so many others. Some diets and nutritional profiles are more widespread.

Multiplication des profils nutritionnels de vos clients

Among your clients, you’ll undoubtedly have vegetarians, vegans or diabetics. Not to mention the fact that all consumers want healthy and nutritious meals that rich in vitamins and minerals.

Adapt your offering to these newest expectations using Youmeal. Verify the nutritional quality of your recipes in just a glance. And, if necessarily, identify any alternatives to your ingredients. The system allows you to efficiently compare the before and after of your dishes.

To top it all off, Youmeal creates nutritional sheets that clearly communicates everything to your clients.

A healthy and sustainable diet for every nutrition profile

Dietary needs are divided. The number of nutritional profiles has multiplied. Some people decide to stop eating meat for ecological reasons. Others need to remove gluten from their diet for health purposes.

It’s necessary that you adapt your food offering to everyone. Youmeal offers you a clear look at what goes into your recipes. Thanks to our technical sheets, you’re immediately aware if an allergen is present. You can then modify your recpe as you see fit.

Respond to modern nutritional recommendations

Ironically, we’ve never been this well or misinformed about food. Nutritional recommendations are everywhere. On the other hand, it’s hard to decipher food labels.

Youmeals solves this puzzle with a solution that is both easy to read and understand. Our technical sheets provide a clear look at the contents of your recipes. Allergens, micro- and macro-nutrients and the ecological footprint are all detailed.

This helps chefs and consumers to safely choose more nutritious and sustainable recipes.

A comprehensive solution to acommodate multiple needs

Your clients want nutritious meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals. But they’re also interested in the ecological impact of their consumption.

With the most detailed nutritional information in food tech, Youmeal makes it so you can control the quality of your recipes and inform consumers of the nutritional and environmental data of your dishes in all transparency.

You’re able to offer preparations that follow nutritional recommendations, regulation and the needs of your consumers.

Has nutritional information become a constraint?

Turn these requirements into an opportunity! Set yourself apart with innovative, healthy, sustainable and delicious food. Surprise your clients with creative recipes that respond to the newest health claims. All without increasing your material cost.

It’s time to optimize your recipes with Youmeal.

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