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Youmeal, also a menu creation software

Youmeal, also a menu creation software

Youmeal isn’t just a recipe management software, it’s also a menu creation software. Each week, create a new menu that complies with regulations and the wishes of your clients.

Youmeal provides a responsive and flexible solution to food services. Thanks to our menu creation software, chefs can very easily configure preparations for the week.

You’re ensuring that your offering is balanced and complementary. Very intuitive, creating a menu takes just a few clicks. The system will take it from there. Youmeal handles the formatting and generates a comprehensive and attractive, ready-to-distribute communication medium.

Youmeal, votre logiciel de création de menus


Additionally, our recipe management software ensures that data is automatically updated. Rest assured, knowing that you’re still in compliance with regulation EU FIC 1169 and presenting both reliable and relevant nutritional information.

Youmeal, menu creation software for catering and restaurants

The Youmeal menu creation software is both very simple and very powerful. Adaptive and intuitive. In just a few clicks, you can select and manage recipes for the week. You’re sure to offer different dishes every day of the week.

The recipe management software means that, day after day, you can adapt your offering to your client’s demands. You can also include one gluten-free or vegeatarian preparation daily.

A few minutes later, the menu is automatically created and formatted. All you have to do is print. The nutritional information for each dish is generated.

Food services and commercial restaurant menus

The Youmeal menu creation software is aimed directly at those in food services and commercial restaurants. In schools, hospitals, university and corporate cafeterias, but also in commercial restaurants, our solution facilitates the diversity of your menus.

It ensures that you’re presenting a diverse and attractive offering and adapting your menus as you deem necessary. Week after week, you face new constraints and new diets. With Youmeal, you can become more flexible and responsive.

Improved efficiency and time savings

The menu creation software fits itself into your schedule. Import your recipes with just a few clicks. The system does the rest and organizes your week’s menu. No more errors, misprints or typos. No more time wasted on formatting. Everything is automated.

Youmeal’s advantage also lies within its continuous database updates. If an ingredient in your recipe is modified, the change takes effect immediately in the system. You can always be sure that you’re presenting your clients with verified nutritional information.

The creation of diverse, healthy and sustainable menus

Creating a menu that respects nutritional recommendations can sometimes be a headache. Especially with the proliferation of diets and client demands over the past few years. Achieving a balanced diet is a daily challenge for food services and commercial restaurants.

With Youmeal, create menus in just a few clicks by comparing the qualities and characteristics of your dishes. Offer different recipes every day. Week after week, guarantee the choice and satisfaction of your clients, regardless of their profile.

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