Regulation EU1169 and how you communicate to consumers | Youmeal
Regulation EU1169 and how you communicate to consumers

Regulation EU1169 and how you communicate to consumers

Strengthen your communication to consumers. Food labelling in the EU is governed by regulation EU1169. This text standardizes the rules for everyone in the food industry. Youmeal can help you.

Is the food labelling as ordered by regulation EU1169 a constraint? Here at Youmeal, we believe that it’s a great opportunity for your business. 

Communicate the composition of your recipes in full transparency. Quench the consumer’s thirst for information. Our solution gives you the ability to offer the most complete and detailed nutritional information in food tech.

Information aux consommateurs et règlement INCO 1169

And since food labelling is still full of technical jargon, we have developed a tool that summarizes and scores the nutritional and environmental quality of your dishes. Discover the health- and ecological-based sheet.

Food labelling in conformance with EU1169

Regulation EU1169 imposes the same food labelling standards on everyone in the industry. Its goal is to increase the visibility of nutritional information. This legislation requires 8 nutritional and 14 allergen statements depending on whether or not the products are packaged.

This is difficult for chefs who mix multiple ingredients during their preparations. That’s why Youmeal came up with a software that automatically calculates the nutritional data of finalized recipes. A time savings that ensures your kitchen’s compliance with regulation INCO 1169.

Consumer information requirements

Although it has become widespread in supermarkets, nutritional information is a lot less common in the restaurant sector. It’s rare that restaurants clearly indicate the nutritional data of their recipes on their menu.

Stand apart from your competition by using Youmeal. Meet the consumer’s need for information. Offer your clients food labelling that is both comprehensive and easy to understand. Be transparent in regards to the composition of your recipes.

Nutritional information that enlightens the consumer

Food labelling is hard to grasp. It’s technical and has statements that the client doesn’t always understand.

Youmeal simplifies how you communicate to your consumers. Using data that complies with regulation INCO 1169, it clearly and extensively lists the composition of your recipes in terms of calories, fats, carbohydrates, etc. We take it even one step further by identifying the vitamins, minerals and environmental impact of your dishes. Everything is then compiled in a health- and ecological-based sheet.

Youmeal, the standard for nutritional information in support of health and the environment.

How transparency supports your kitchen

Youmeal food labelling meets the needs of consumer information while respecting legislation. But it’s also an analysis tool. We’ve come up with a software that helps improve recipes while taking into account any cost constraints. So that restaurants have all the tools they need to adapt their preparations to their clients’ newest demands.

Because we believe that you can be an actor for change. We work towards the goal of building a world in which everyone has access to better nutrition.

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