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The environmental impact of food

The environmental impact of food


Youmeal calculates the environmental impact of your recipes and displays it in a simple environmental assessment. Eating healthy is good, But eating sustainably is better.

These days, your consumers are looking to reduce the environmental impact of their purchases. On one hand, they’re waiting for companies to engage in more eco-friendly practices. On the other hand, they want food labelling to incorporate the idea of sustainability and biodiversity.

Ecological concerns surrounding food are real and ever more pressing.

Youmeal, pour gérer les impacts environnementaux de vos recettes

Youmeal allows food professionals to address these concerns. It helps you to select sustainable products so that you can reduce your environmental impact. And it helps promote the progress of your information to your clients, thanks to a concise and easy-to-read environmental assessment.

The environmental impact of your recipes

Your clients are becoming increasingly demanding. Conscious of the environmental impact of their consumption, they’re asking for more sustainable recipes.

Youmeal calculates the ecological footprint of your dishes. It compiles and summarizes the environmental data for each ingredient. It takes into account preparation. And presents it in an environmental assessment:

  • the amount of water needed in production
  • the generated water pollution
  • the energy required
  • the required land area
  • the threat of extinction of fish

Reduce greenhouse gases from your kitchen

The idea of an environmental assessment in cooking isn’t necessarily obvious. Yet it’s a deciding factor for consumers. By selecting better ingredients, you contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By opting for sustainable caught fish, you’re taking part in saving species and oceans. By choosing food that respects natural resources, you can lower your environmental impact.

Criteria of which your clients are conscious. According to our surveys, 60% of consumers say that they have more trust in restaurants that display Youmeal data.

A detailed environmental assessment

The Youmeal database compiles the environmental impact of hundreds of thousands of ingredients. It identifies that amount of water needed for food production. It determines water pollution and calculated the area of agricultural land used. It takes into account the energy required and the sustainability of the seafood.

Our algorithms will take it from there. Depending on the method of conservation or production, it reevaluates the environmental impact. Youmeal provides an environmental assessment so that you can compare your recipes.

Adopting a new approach

Your clients are becoming more conscious of local and seasonal products. Go one step further with detailed nutritional information on the sustainability of your recipes.

What if your preparations contributed to a more sustainable society? You would be surprised by how small changes in your routine can have big consequences for the planet, just by learning the environmental impact of your kitchen.

Play your part in this movement. Optimize your meals with Youmeal.

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