Nutritional and environmental data enrichment
Nutritional and environmental data enrichment

Nutritional and environmental data enrichment

The nutritional and environmental data enrichment is our distinguishing feature. Our updates ensure that your recipe’s allergens, micro- and macronutrients and environmental impacts all reflect reality.


The food sector is constantly evolving. It continues to offer new deals and new products. Enhancing and regularly updating data is invaluable in knowing the nutritional and environmental quality of these foods.

Our system is built upon several pillars. First is the enhancement of various databases, from brands but also from independent sources and regulatory bodies. It sorts, verifies, enhances and updates information on an ongoing basis.

Enrichissement des données nutritionnelles et environnementales avec Youmeal

This data processing means that the software can identify and correct errors. Youmeal is even capable of screening for allergens that would have otherwise been missed and identifying inconsistencies in calories, fats, carbohydrates, etc.

Data enrichment so that you always know what’s going on

Data enrichement is at the center of our business. We created Youmeal to be an intelligent tool that is capable of adapting your data.

In case of changing regulations, such as INCO 1169, all of your recipes are automatically corrected with the new allergen and macronutrient indications.

When a supplier modifies the nature of an ingredient, the information for any recipe using that ingredient is updated.

If you change an ingredient in your recipe, the system automatically calculates the recipe’s new nutritional and environmental values.

Hidden allergens are quickly identified

Youmeal simplifies recipe management. Thanks to verified, constantly updated information, our software can detect any previously missed allergens. You can offer your clients comprehensive and reliable nutritional data.

Our powerful solution can identify each brand’s data. It also takes into account the cooking steps and methods of your recipe that could affect the quantity of existing nutrients.

Working on the principle of community, the continuous update of our databases benefits everyone. From the supplier to the consumer, anyone can access up-to-date and complete information in real-time.

Real-time data enhancement

Allergens, micro- and macronutrients, environmental impact… Youmeal sorts, cross-checks and centralizes nutritional information. This data comes from a multitude of different sources: authorities, federations, industries, etc. Chefs can use our solution to access all of these values in a simplified format.

Even better, it can verify and continuously update the accuracy of this information. It is even able to identify and correct possible errors, missing data or inconsistencies.

The benefits of food security

The food industry is facing growing health challenges. The constant enhancement of our system ensures that you can control your information to provide flawless ingredients and recipes. There is no room for doubt when working with Youmeal.

You have what you need to select the best products. Rich in micro- and macronutrients. And better for the environment. Aware of the presence or absence of allergens.

The perfect solution for responding to your clients’ varied nutritional profiles.

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