The most extensive nutritional and environmental data classification
The most extensive nutritional and environmental data classification

Data classification

Youmeal, a recipe management software, offers an accurate classification of food nutrition data. It centralizes, enhances and summarizes nutritional data in all its forms. From all sectors.

Youmeal provides the most complete nutritional information in food tech. Raw or processed foods. Fresh or frozen. To be peeled or already chopped up. Youmeal offers you, chefs, a detailed list describing every ingredient from your catalogue of recipes.

We centralize the nutrition data of all food and preparation methods via a direct connection with suppliers and other food databases.

La qualification des données dans Youmeal


But Youmeal is also a data processing tool that is capable of generating 55 nutritional and environmental data points for any recipe.

Classifying nutritional and environmental data

The Youmeal database contains hundreds of thousands of ingredients. Each ingredient’s nutritional values and environmental impact are indicated. Once a chef combines their ingredients, the software generates a technical sheet with 55 nutritional and environmental data points. They can then view:

  • the ingredient list
  • any allergens present
  • macronutrients
  • micronutrients
  • environmental impact
  • cost price.

The chef can see the details that make up their recipe. They can then compare the nutritional values of each ingredient and easily make any changes in composition or quantity.

Sharing and processing nutrition data

Our software is connected to numerous databases. First, Youmeal verifies external data and makes any needed corrections. Then, it organizes and enhances the information using its advanced algorithms.

Youmeal also grants access to various food partners. It allows them to fill out any product details or modifications. The information is accessible to various users while maintaining the required confidentiality. Recipe details are only accessible to those who create them. In other words, only the nutritional results are shared.

An extensive yet concise presentation

Youmeal is a recipe analysis software. For each dish and ingredient, it lists 55 nutritional and ecological data points, per 100g and in % of daily recommended intake.

An intelligent system, it takes into account several factors:

  • ingredient weight
  • evaporation point
  • peeling
  • portions
  • hydration
  • cooking method
  • possible thawing, etc.

This information is then summarized in a technical sheet. This health- and ecological-based sheet gives you a glance at the quality of a dish. And makes comparing several meals easy.

Improving your food offering

Youmeal centralizes food product information. Raw and processed. Our software helps chefs improve their recipes. Chefs are better equipped to create recipes since detailed information for each ingredient is easily integrated into the calculation of those recipes.

Our goal is to give every sector the ability to increase the nutritional quality of their meals, improve their offering and optimize their costs.

Find out how our nutritional data is enhanced.

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