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Youmeal, our web solution for recipe analysis and management

Analyze, enhance and optimize nutritional and environmental data. Menu creation and consumer information.

Data classification

Youmeal, a recipe management software, offers an accurate classification of food nutrition data. It centralizes, enhances and summarizes nutritional data in all its forms. From all sectors.

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Nutritional and environmental data enrichment

The nutritional and environmental data enrichment is our distinguishing feature. Our updates ensure that your recipe's allergens, micro- and macronutrients and environmental impacts all reflect reality.

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Nutrition profile

Nutrition profiles are more diverse than ever before. There is an abundance of nutritional and environmental recommendations for food.

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The environmental impact of food

Youmeal calculates the environmental impact of your recipes and displays it in a simple environmental assessment. Eating healthy is good, But eating sustainably is better.

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A structured recipe means optimized operations

By creating a structured recipe with Youmeal, you ensure the standardization of your processes. Your material cost is monitored. Detailed nutritional information can identify areas for improvement in your preparations.

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Youmeal, also a menu creation software

Youmeal isn't just a recipe management software, it's also a menu creation software. Each week, create a new menu that complies with regulations and the wishes of your clients.

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Regulation EU1169 and how you communicate to consumers

Strengthen your communication to consumers. Food labelling in the EU is governed by regulation FIC 1169. This text standardizes the rules for everyone in the food industry. Youmeal can help you.

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