Food allergies: a white paper for the food industry

Proper communication of food allergies is a real challenge for those in the food industry. Discover the solutions Youmeal has to offer!

According to the World Health Organization, food allergies are the 4th largest public health issue. For food service and restaurant professionals, the major challenge is informing consumers in increasingly transparent ways. Despite the disparity of sources and the growing trend in consuming processed products, monitoring food data and information related to allergens must be continuous and automatic.

What are the legal requirements for restaurants and food service companies? How do you adapt your offering to allergic or intolerant nutritional profiles? What’s the solution for better food intelligence? Learn more with Youmeal’s white paper!

Getting food allergies under control

Don’t take any risks regarding food allergies in your restaurant or food services company. Download our white paper to understand how to:

  • declare allergens in accordance with EU regulation 1169
  • ensure quality control and therefore good food chain management
  • replace any ingredients in your recipes that are responsible for common food allergies
  • offer better information to consumers

Download the white paper on food allergy management!

In 16 pages, we identify the legal obligations and best practices in food allergies and consumer information. We also present you innovative solutions for enhancing and securing your offering.

Food allergies: a white paper for the food industry

Youmeal, all-in-one food intelligence

Equip yourself with a compliance tool for better detection, and therefore correction, of inconsistencies or missing information in your allergenic foods declaration.

Optimize and share your data in real time and agile fashion to produce reliable information regarding food allergies to consumers.

Choose the creative food tech solution. Youmeal works with you for healthier and smarter food. Contact us to hear more.