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The new EU 1169 compliance, decoded

The new EU 1169 compliance is all about the information provided to customers on foodstuffs. In effect since 07/01/2015, compliance with it is verified by AFSCA in Belgium and AFSSA in France. Everyone in food services and commercial restaurants is affected. Youmeal helps you to comply.

Do you want to be immediately in compliance with EU 1169? Well, you should: it’s required. But it’s not all that easy to navigate this new, so-called simplified and aggregated food labelling regulation. That’s why we’ve designed a practical and comprehensive guide that explains and comments on all of the new points and nuances that make up this new law.

The new EU 1169 compliance, under a microscope

You don’t want to miss any of the new points, which aren’t very clearly indicated within the 46-page regulation EU 1169 document. Download our white paper to understand:

  • what mandatory and additional information needs to be indicated on foodstuffs,
  • how information must be indicated to consumers so as not to mislead them,
  • what the mandatory nutrition declaration for foodstuffs of December 2016 entails.

Download our white paper about EU 1169 compliance!

In just 20 pages, we’ll explain to you what this new directive entails for food services and commercial restaurants. We’ll also provide you with some simple and effective solutions on how you can comply with it.

Le nouveau règlement INCO 1169 et votre étiquetage sur mesure

Youmeal is the customized solution for your food labelling needs

Consumers are increasingly asking for transparency to help guide them in their food choices according to their values, health, etc.

It’s not just about what the consumer wants, though; it’s also about what you want. We know that each company has different needs.

That’s why our offerings are custom-made. With flexibility, trust and expertise. Contact us to hear more.