FAQ | Youmeal


Here are some questions that we’re frequently asked about our company and our online recipe analysis and management software solution. All of this information is explained across our website, but these questions and responses are worth being more concise and direct.

  • Define Youmeal in just a few words

    Youmeal is a unique, online software platform that offers a complete and real-time analysis of recipes at all levels of complexity by using complete, verified and up-to-date information on the ingredients that make it up.

    Thanks to Youmeal, everyone in the food production and distribution cycle can analyze their offerings at the nutritional and environmental level, can improve them using simulations and can inform their customers based on their request.

    Youmeal therefore provides substantial time savings, the ability to meet the requirements of legislation and customer specifications and offers a tool for optimizing the proposed food products.

  • What is Youmeal's response in regards to EU regulation FIC 1169?

    This question should be, rather: does Youmeal meet the requirements of European law in regards to the information provided to consumers? Yes, Youmeal completely meets these requirements and offers a tool that allows you to save a lot of time in comparison to current approaches. Why? Because Youmeal provides just as much information on the ingredients making up the recipe as the full processing of recipes.

  • In summary, what are the Youmeal's unique advantages?

    Youmeal is the only software on the market that is able to provide this much real-time information. This ranges from the legislative basis, such as allergens and macronutrients (calories, carbohydrates, fats, etc.), to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and environmental impact (water, energy and soil consumption).

    Youmeal is one of very few software tools in its category that verticalizes food information and its processing. Just the fact that it has its own database and advanced algorithms for processing recipes makes the user’s life easier: they don’t have to worry about the source of the data and the accuracy of the information. All of the little subtleties of the recipes are taken into account (dilution; reduction; the difference when raw, cooked or frozen; change in volume, etc.).

    Metaphorically, Youmeal is offering a car with a FULL tank.

    Finally, Youmeal can be used by anyone who is a partner. For example, a restaurant chain would benefit from complete and standardized information shared with its suppliers using YOUMEAL. If a supplier’s product changes, the resulting recipe using that product at the chain restaurant would be updated automatically.

  • How much does Youmeal cost ?

    The price depends on 3 factors: the number of ingredients involved, the number of recipes that will be processed, the extend of information requested.

    Other aspects, such as the personalization of data, the dynamic link with the client’s ingredient management technology and the number of production sites involved may be taken into account. Discover the advantages of Youmeal for each job within the food industry .

    As a result, the price range can be rather large so we would first want a good idea of what your needs are.

  • Is Youmeal technology available on scaled subscription level ?

    Youmeal has a basic package that will meet the requirements of European regulation. This can then be expanded to include additional information, such as micronutrients and environmental impact.

  • Is it possible to customize ingredients fo the user?

    Youmeal works with leading food operators who often use software to manage their ingredient orders, market prices, inventory, costs, etc. Youmeal can bridge these tools and, in doing so, customize their clients’ ingredients.

  • What are Youmeal's references?

    At the moment, the largest restaurant chain in Belgium uses Youmeal, as does the global leader in food services, to supply several large food services companies. Youmeal is especially suited to those in the food industry, such as: food services, chain restaurants, supermarkets, and restaurant suppliers. Want to learn more about our clients?