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Helping a food wholesaler improve the quality of its food data

For a food wholesaler, improving the quality of food information is a major headache because it’s necessary to process and enhance data en masse. Youmeal does this, and more: our software also makes corrections.

The client

Our client is a large market-leader in food wholesale, delivering its products and services to some of the biggest restaurants and others in the catering industry. The core business of this company is the selection and purchase of food products and their sale and distribution to its customers. Delivered products must also meet the legal constraints regarding food data according to EU law 1169. This food data is initially provided by the producers of select products.

The challenge

Better quality of food information

This food wholesaler’s goal? To meet the level of demand of its customers who, under pressure from their own clients, request that accurate, documented and updated food information be available. Not only are they under pressure from their customers, there has also been an increase in compliance inspections. It’s a new challenge to attract, reassure and retain consumers. The risk of losing customers has become significant for this food wholesaler.

Without the expertise of mass data analysis of its own, the wholesaler turned to Youmeal. Objective: improve the quality of its food information by optimizing 20,000 of its products. It was a matter of verifying, correcting and completing all of the data with the aim of establishing a reliable list of allergens and a micronutrient nutritional analysis, including sugar and salt, saturated fat, protein, kcal level, etc.

The solution

A smart and expert data qualification software

Analyzing 20,000 food products means processing and checking approximately 200,000 data points! Mission impossible without the help of algorithms and intelligent software that’s dedicated to the categorization of food information. The Youmeal solution relies on a team with considerable expertise in this field and is made up of bio-engineers, data scientists, computer scientists, chemists and nutritionists.

To automate data processing, we have implemented inductive logic approaches, cross-comparisons, automatic analysis of ingredients lists and machine learning. Thanks to these advanced foodtech techniques, Youmeal is an intelligent tool that not only detects errors and omissions, but also corrects and completes them.

The results

A completely reorganized product catalog and more reliable information

About 70% of products required modification to the food data that was initially provided. This may seem like a lot, but it’s actually within normal range based on several previous Youmeal studies. In 12% of cases, there was an error in the allergen declaration: out of 20,000 products, that translates to 1,680 incorrect or incomplete allergen declarations, meaning potentially serious risks involving the responsibility of the various actors involved. There were also other errors related to fats, sugar, salt or kcal levels.

Thanks to Youmeal, the food wholesaler was able to improve the quality of its food information with the following results:

  • Much less stress regarding the quality of its food information.
  • An unbeatable return on investment when compared to the cost of manual in-house processing.
  • Guaranteed continuous updating, thanks to automated monitoring on changes in ingredients and the analysis of new entries.
  • A higher customer satisfaction rate and greater loyalty on their part.
  • A significant decrease in calls to support regarding this information.

“By using Youmeal, we’re finally able to master our food information and offer the reliable data that our clients asked of us. Thanks to its innovative technology, Youmeal was able to process an enormous volume of data in record time. Even with an-ever changing assortment, we now manage to guarantee quality data to our customers at all times. ”

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