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Helping a catering company with their food information management

The food information management is a major challenge for those in food services. For this global caterer, the solution is Youmeal: an accurate and centralized data processing food software.

The client

Our client is a large catering company, the subsidiary of a powerful international group. A leader in the food services industry, it manages high potential customers and important institutions. Youmeal was contacted by the operational key accounts manager.

The challenge

Better food information management

Its goal? To simplify and optimize its food information management. More significantly meet the needs of its clients, who range from large private accounts to international institutions. The latter are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of food information, especially regarding compliance with allergen regulation. Some clients also requested monitoring of the environmental impacts of proposed recipes in their briefs.

The solution

An accurate and centralized food management software

We very quickly identified the need to put into place an accurate, automated and centralized food information management system. Objective: manage its technical sheets and recipes and automatically generate communication for its clients.

In less than 3 months, we made Youmeal its tool for good governance and food documentation. We integrated all of the company’s technical sheets and its entire purchasing list into the software. Thanks to SaaS technology, its food data is now instantly available across various sites.

The results

Optimized processes and an improved offering

  • A significant decrease in time spent for the creation of technical sheets for dishes and also menu communications.
  • A substantial savings equivalent to one FTE on a large site.
  • More interaction with consumers, more insightful communication.
  • Perfect transparency, with 60% of clients saying that they feel more confident in a proposed offer.
  • Greater understanding of the client’s specifications, thanks to smart and complete information.

“Youmeal is an innovative food information tool. The software allowed Compass to quickly comply with legislation but also to create a competitive advantage. We offer our clients and consumers a level of information that no other software can provide. Plus, automating food information processing means that teams can improve their offering and save a ton of time that they can now dedicate to serving our customers.”

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