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Test Youmeal, request your free demo

Youmeal is the all-in-one software solution for food data management. Request your free demo, without any obligation.

What if you could have a detailed, categorized list of all of your ingredients for your entire catalog of products or recipes? With regular and automatic updates regarding allergen information, micro- and macro-nutrients. Now what if you had access to a tool capable of detecting and correcting errors or inconsistencies? Plus, the cherry on top: it comes with a simplified environmental sheet to help you select more sustainable options and enhance your offering on an ecological level. You think of it, Youmeal can do it.


Request your free demo of our food data analysis and management software. In 15 minutes, we’ll present you our all-in-one solution, adapted to the realities of your industry.

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Like you, Youmeal is…

  • smart: it categorizes, enhances, corrects and updates food data in an agile manner.
  • responsible: it tracks allergenic ingredients and increases the transparency of your preparations.
  • sustainable: it promotes food and dishes that use less energy and respect natural resources.

All that, and more! Discover all of our software’s features and our job-specific solutions.

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How much does Youmeal cost?

Find the perfect pricing plan to suit your needs, depending on the number of recipes to process. We also offer on-demand services to customize the software, to qualify specific ingredients, to import your own data or to set up a multisite implementation.

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In just two minutes, the Youmeal software provides a structured recipe analysis: allergens, cost per serving, nutritional value, environmental impact, etc.

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