Legislation imposes labeling on companies that has as much information as possible so that consumers can make the right decisions. The food industry also creates information systems such as nutri-repère.

Food labeling: becoming increasingly detailed

On the labels of food products, in addition to basic information such as ingredients, the consumer will find particular Daily Nutritional Requirements.

The Daily Nutritional Requirements indicate the product’s energy value and its contents in fats, saturated fatty acids, sugar, and sodium: the 4 most tracked macronutrients when you’re looking to eat a balanced diet.

This information must be quickly understandable for the consumer to be able to choose!

Nutri-repère, visual nutritional information

Reading labels takes time, hence the practicality of visual systems such as nutri-score and nutri-repère.

Nutri-repère graphically (histograms) displays the percentage of daily nutritional requirements of a portion of a food compared to the recommended daily intake.

Time saved for comparison

Graphic representation makes it possible, at a glance, to see if a food is (too) rich in salt or sugar… compared to the health recommendations.

Plus, displaying the food data per portion gives a quick idea of the nutritional value of the product as it is marketed. No need for complex calculations!

Nutri-repère provides consumers with a rapid comparison tool on their quest for healthy nutrition.

Nutritional requirements upon and after purchase…

Increasingly detailed nutrition labeling can give consumers the illusion of mastering their diet.

But what kind of mastery do you have when combining these foods in a recipe? What do you know when eating a meal in a restaurant or a cafeteria?

Not everything is on the label! Because preparation method has an impact on nutritional value! Was butter added during cooking? And how much salt is in these mashes potatoes?

Are your consumers asking you for more and more transparent communication regarding your culinary preparations? By testing one of your recipes for free, you’ll be able to give them information on your menu’s nutritional value!