Vous êtes attentif aux bienfaits nutritionnels de vos recettes ? Sur le banc d’essai Youmeal : les pâtisseries industrielles. Verdict ? Préférez-les maison.

What ingredients do we find in our favorite pastries? The trifecta: flour, sugar and fat! And with a little luck, you’ll also find salt. Basically, a composition whose nutritional values are not necessarily optimized, especially in industrial products. Youmeal is on the case! Objective: to offer you healthier alternatives and recipe optimization.

Recipe optimization: the case of industrial pastry

To prepare for this test, our team of food data experts met with Carole Equeter, creater and editor of the collection of food books, “Une pincée de science au quotidien”. With a doctorate in biological sciences, Carole Equeter specialized in the scientific analysis and popularization of our dishes. Her latest piece, titled “éPâtissez moi“, offers simple and straightforward alternatives the typical industrial pastry.

If this book is definitely gourmet, it advocates values common to those conveyed by Youmeal: choosing quality ingredients and balance in the broadest sense of the term, all while casting a critical eye on the relationship between our consumer society and environmental aspects.

We took 3 home recipes and analyzed them with our food optimization software to compare them with their equivalent industrial product.

The differences in nutritional values are fascinating!

  1. Apricot cake: much less sugar (-59%) and salt (-78%), a lot more fiber (+71%) and protein (+80%).
  2. Speculoos: also less sugar (-11%) and salt (-75%), more fiber (+38%); the choice of organic butter increases the level of saturated fatty acids but means avoiding the use of the highly controversial palm oil in industrial products.
  3. Apple turnover: almost no saturated fatty acids (-98%) and with half the amount of carbohydrates (-57%).

Carole Equeter, éPâtissez moi

The nutritional improvements are substantial: a homemade pastry easily wins the contest over an industrial pastry. And in terms of flavor: foodies also win, which is music to our ears!

“Youmeal is an innovative solution so that cooking in food services or at a large capacity is no longer systematically synonymous with junk food. This is a serious tool developed through scientific research. Additionally, it is an avant-garde concept that integrates the environmental component into the management of our dishes.”
Carole Equeter, author of “éPâtissez moi

Nutritional benefits, a challenge for agribusiness

One thing is all too familiar to professionals in the food service or commercial food industry: you must always innovate and diversify your offering, all while reducing costs. But is lower product quality and nutritional value the price to pay?  For Youmeal, the answer is obviously NO! Thanks to our food data classification and optimization solution, you can refresh your preparations and monitor and improve the quality of your recipes all at a perfectly controlled cost.

Improving the nutritional benefits of your preparations is easy:

  • Youmeal suggests to you the areas for improvement so that you can replace the ingredients of your choice with healthier and more nutrient-rich products.
  • Youmeal informs you in real time of the products that you use, with an updated analysis of their nutritional values.
  • Youmeal helps you to create diverse and balanced menus while respecting nutritional recommendations.

“Youmeal is more than just another piece of software that brings more issues to the table. Rather, it is a powerful tool that saves both time and money for its users. In some cases, its innovative side helps differentiate it from the competition.” Carole Equeter, author of “éPâtissez moi

Try it for yourself: test the optimization of one of your recipes with Youmeal for free!