Your activity may be in standby or significantly reduced. However, you may be able to turn this constraint into an opportunity.

After dealing with emergencies to handle with the quarantine, it may be time to pay attention to issues we often relegate or forget to manage in full activity period.

Update your administration

Use the time of this period of containment to update your administration by reorganizing your schedule, reviewing your deadlines, sorting your documents and rethinking the organization of your company.

A good administrative management brings many advantages :

  • Controlling your cash flow: controlling your expenses, reducing your costs and trusting your data keep your finances in good shape.
  • Achieving your objectives: being focused on developing and implementing more efficient work processes helps you to achieve your goals.
  • Focusing on your business to ensure greater customers and employes satisfaction.

Containment provides time to review your long-term strategy

This forced break may finally be an opportunity to ask yourself the right questions about your business. How are my customers’ expectations evolving ? What are the implications for my business and my offer ?

It is also an opportunity to read, to get informed, to keep up to date with trends. What impact will this period have on your customers’ state of mind ?

In short, it’s a time to question yourself and come back stronger once business resumes.

Optimize your menus or recipes

Now that you know more about the changing tastes and expectations of the consumers. Optimizing recipes has always been a recurring problem for the food industry. What if you took the time to review your menus ? In this period of general confinement, it’s the ideal time to (re)discover certain flavors, to think about the environmental impact of your dishes, even to consider supporting the local economy via small producers and cooperatives.

An example here.

With Youmeal you can create structured recipes and ensure the standardization of your procedures. Your material cost is identified. The detailed food information identifies the improvement points of your preparations.

Getting your business compliant with the legislation

How do you manage allergen information in your facility ? Are your customers properly informed ? Food professionals are well aware that accurate and complete allergen and nutrition facts  is a major challenge for the safety of the food chain.

Would you like to be up to date and have compliant food information on allergens and nutrition facts ?

  1. Submit your recipe project, Youmeal automatically detects allergens and calculate de macronutrients
  2. Audit the labels of compound products, Youmeal checks and corrects possible errors (unfortunately often numerous) in the declaration of allergens and nutrition facts.
  3. Write your food label, Youmeal automatically translates it into three languages : French, Dutch, English.

Breathe and relax

But first of all, take care of yourself. It’s important to learn to de-stress, despite the current climate of crisis :

  • Stop brooding and move on ;
  • Accept your stress, but don’t neglect it ;
  • Use networks wisely, to communicate with family and friends ;
  • Breathe, breath is an important anti-stress ally.

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