Youmeal, the natural solution to challenges facing wholesale food suppliersYour business

Youmeal, the natural solution to challenges facing wholesale food suppliers

As a wholesale food supplier, you face the challenge of managing information for your clients and complying with legislation. Youmeal, our recipe analysis software, is a natural fit for you.

La qualification des données dans Youmeal

  • Give your clients high-quality information
  • Offer your clients a simple tool for complying with legislation
  • Negotiate better with your suppliers
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing more information
  • Help your clients take the lead in healthy and sustainable food

How Youmeal addresses the challenges facing wholesale food suppliers

The challenges facing a wholesale food supplier

All food wholesaler clients have the same requirement: to abide by regulation INCO 1169. But not everyone produces the same level of accuracy in information. Well, except those who already use Youmeal.

Food distribution is very competitive and price wars are a part of everyday life. The sector is further subjected to consumer pressures and legislation. Food wholesaler clients must comply with new regulations regarding nutritional information. But the available information is often incomplete, incorrect or difficult to use.

Discover the benefits of Youmeal for wholesale food suppliers!

The benefits of Youmeal for wholesale food supplier

Youmeal software offers the following:

  • Data correction and organization from a catalogue of food products
  • Enhancement of information using micronutritional (vitamins, minerals) and environmental data
  • Facilitate, organize and share nutritional information with your clients

Provide your clients with a digital solution that offers:

  • Compliance made easy for European regulation FIC 1169 regarding allergens
  • Respond to the needs of your consumers and clients in regards to the allergens, nutritional composition and environmental impact of the dishes they’re consuming
  • Share information across the production cycle: suppliers, dietitians, site managers, chefs, etc.
  • Real-time adaptation of information to cope with the unexpected (stockout, events, etc.)
  • Make better use of everyone’s time

Why is Youmeal a real answer for restaurant business?

Food wholesale: a demanding sector

Changes such as EU 1169 regulation and the demands of your clients increase the need for nutritional information management. This is added to the existing constraints in delivering quality, on-time products within a very competitive environment.

Reaching out to a specialist in processing your information means you can:

  • be more reactive
  • respond to client needs
  • avoid internal costs
  • and differentiate yourself.

Up-to-date, corrected food data

Wholesale food suppliers manage thousands of references coming from a variety of producers. Nutritional information for your products comes in different formats. Not to mention, it’s often incorrect or incomplete. A recent study by Youmeal showed that technical sheets for 50% of goods had incorrect or incomplete information.

Youmeal, a comprehensive solution for every wholesale food suppliers team

All of your teams will see the value of working with Youmeal: marketing, sales, quality and operations.

Marketing and sales are able to show your client that their needs are taken into account. The quality department is reassured in regards to legislation. Finally, operations no longer has to waste their time searching for insufficiently centralized or outdated information.

Recipe standardization and real-time synchronization

Thanks to its algorithms and links to numerous databases, Youmeal corrects and enhances data at the source, then provides a standard format output in an easy-to-use interface.

Automatic synchronization of data for any changes applied to source data guarantees the quality of information that is useful for wholesalers and their clients.

Gain back precious time with our recipe analysis solution

There is a considerable time savings offered by our Youmeal solution. Your teams can focus on what’s at the core of your business. Quality nutritional information is becoming a key differentiator. Cooperation with suppliers is made easier.

Don’t waste any time – discover how Youmeal can help you improve your commercial offering.

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  • Voici un aperçu de nos réels besoins en produits d’origine animale ! 🥚🧀🥩 Mercredi dernier, le Groupe d'experts intergouvernemental sur l'évolution du climat (Giec) a publié un rapport alarmant, dans lequel il appelle à un changement dans nos habitudes alimentaires, afin de contenir le réchauffement climatique. Selon les experts, il ne faudrait pas dépasser les 33kg/an en consommation de produits d’origine animale. Cela équivaut à 635g/semaine. 
Youmeal, logiciel de gestion des recettes, a calculé ce que cela représente. Pour une semaine :
- 200 g de viande ;
- 2 œufs ;
- 280 g de fromage (40g/jour).
Accompagnées de fruits, légumes et féculents, ces portions satisfont vos besoins journaliers, tout en respectant les recommandations du Giec.
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