Youmeal, a partner for supermarkets

Youmeal, a partner for supermarkets

Supermarkets have heard the consumers’ need for information. Respond with Youmeal, an efficient and complete solution.

Youmeal, également logiciel de création de menus

  • Easily inform consumers
  • Highlight your products
  • Challenge your suppliers

How Youmeal addresses the challenges facing supermarkets

The challenges facing supermarkets

The extremely competitive nature of your sector means that you need to differentiate and control costs. It also means having an extensive, diverse and attractive offering.

Consumers are better informed than ever but still ask for more information to aid in their decision-making. Collecting and processing information can quickly become expensive and distract you from your main activities.

Discover the benefits of Youmeal for supermarkets!

The benefits of Youmeal for distributors

  • High quality, verified and enhanced data
  • Full support in data processing
  • Regular updates
  • Relevant and accessible information for your consumers

Why is Youmeal a real answer for supermarkets?

Supermarkets and nutritional information

Supermarkets are mindful in ensuring that the legal nutritional information is accessible to its clients. So you need your suppliers to give you this information.

However, you’re also involved with the production of this nutritional data at several levels:

  • for your own products,
  • for enhancing the information received from suppliers,
  • in order to compare similar products, and
  • to inform visitors on the online recipe section of your websites.

But it’s not your job to create information like this, which is when having a partner like Youmeal becomes useful.

Supermarkets and merchandise management

Supermarket shelves hold tens of thousands of references to information. However, the quality of this information is not guaranteed and is difficult to control without the appropriate technology.

Plus, information is limited: what makes a vitamin or environmental impact a point of difference? And how do you actually compare seemingly similar products?

Better equip your marketing and procurement teams

Marketing departments are aware of our software’s performance. Extensive nutritional information for certain products strengthens consumer confidence. Comprehensive analysis of online recipes, with links to the items sold, creates a strong interaction with consumers and a better understanding of what they want.

Procurement has more information when negotiating with suppliers.

Recent studies show that clear and precise nutritional information increases consumer confidence by more than 50%.

Correcting source nutritional data for better foodstuff management

Thanks to its algorithms and links to numerous databases, Youmeal corrects and enhances data at the source, then provides a standard format output in an easy-to-use interface.

Tools allow you to filter and categorize information in order to deliver what is most relevant based on reporting purposes.

Youmeal’s structure also means that those within the food value chain can exchange information while maintaining their requested level of confidentiality.

Youmeal uses adapted information and meets growing demand in order to bring you, those in supermarkets, and consumers closer together.

Trusting the information quality means that internal teams avoid time-consuming checks.

Finally, the comprehensive nature of the produced information allows for multiple uses and adaptations.

So there you have it: all of the reasons to try our recipe analysis and management software

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