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Institutional catering

An online software for more than just institutional catering

Youmeal, our online software for institutional catering, adapts to meet your needs and helps you in complying with legislation.

Enrichissement des données nutritionnelles et environnementales avec Youmeal


  • Conform with regulation
  • Better inform your consumers
  • Optimize your food offering in regards to nutrition and the environment
  • Stand apart from the crowd
  • Take control of your material costs

How Youmeal addresses the challenges of institutional catering

The challenges facing institutional catering

All catering companies have the same requirement: to abide by EU 1169 regulation. But not everyone produces the same level of accuracy in information. Well, except those who already use Youmeal.

Catering is a very diverse sector. From university and corporate cafeterias to nursing homes and hospitals. However, European regulation FIC 1169, relating to information for consumers, applies to everyone the same. Some follow it to the letter and others don’t, meaning that the level of information provided varies greatly.

Discover the benefits of Youmeal for catering!

Vous cherchez une solution simple de mise en conformité ? Découvrez les atouts de Youmeal pour la restauration collective.

The benefits of Youmeal for catering

Youmeal offers something for everyone via its SaaS software:

  • Compliance made easy for European regulation FIC 1169 regarding allergens
  • Respond to the needs of your consumers and clients in regards to the allergens, nutritional composition and environmental impact of the dishes they’re consuming
  • Share information across the production cycle: suppliers, dietitians, site managers, chefs, etc.
  • Develop an offering that sets you apart from the crowd
  • Real-time information adaptation to cope with the unexpected (stockout, events, etc.)
  • Make better use of everyone’s time

Why is Youmeal a real answer for catering?

Institutional catering and food technology

Structure and improve your recipes in terms of health and the environment all while optimizing your costs.

Youmeal, the standard in food technology, is revolutionizing food service management. Our promise: a tool that will optimize essential work in the kitchen. 

  • Flexible – it gives you access to pre-encoded data or the ability to create new entries.
  • Smart – it calculates a comprehensive nutritional profile for your recipes
  • Automated – it adapts recipes in real-time when you modify ingredients
  • Precise – it takes into account the cooking method, product origin, peeling and more…

Youmeal offers a comprehensive analysis for your kitchen Our management software frees up those in food services.

Let’s work together for healthier and more sustainable food.

Youmeal, expertise dedicated to catering

Youmeal is more than just a management software: it offers an innovative solution for food services. Simple, powerful and, above all, customizable.

Take control of your kitchen. Create your recipes. Compare your dishes and improve your offering.

Re-align your purchases with Youmeal. Our management software helps you take control of your work by comparing hundreds of thousands of ingredients. It ensures that you’re in full compliance with European regulation 1169 regarding allergens, macronutrients and ingredient lists.

Youmeal is the kitchen management tool for professionals

School cafeterias, nursing homes, hospitals, corporate cafeterias… food service chefs are our recipe analysis and management solution’s top clients.

This new kitchen management brings everyone together and optimizes their time. How? By proposing recipes that are adapted to the needs of EACH site. Direct contact with your suppliers means it helps facilitate your orders.

Above all, it allows for more transparency with your clients thanks to comprehensive and intuitive information media. You have nothing to lose.

Benefit from centralized information 

We’ve put the management of your recipes into our software. You’re free to create or shop from our selection.

Choose from a list of ingredients. Import your existing recipes. The system will automatically generate a smart technical sheet.

Just a glance at the Youmeal sheet reveals key recipe information: allergens, macronutrients, the ingredient list, cost price, etc. This makes for more informed decisions.

Innovate and amaze… while controlling costs

Take the lead with Youmeal. Free up your time by better managing your kitchen. Time that could be spent elsewhere. Let us manage your constraints while you take care of your clients.

Listen to and be ready to meet their needs. Invent and re-invent your offering. Refresh the way in which you do your preparations. Control and improve the quality of your recipes. Offer your clients nutrient-rich menus that adapted to their diets or preferences.

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