Nutrition is key within the health sector

Nutrition is key within the health sector

With over 450 million diabetics, more than a billion overweight people and millions suffering from diet-related diseases, the health sector and nutrition are inextricably linked.

Enrichissement des données nutritionnelles et environnementales avec Youmeal

  • Adapt your recipes to the needs of patients
  • Save your production team time
  • Feel relaxed regarding the quality and maintenance of information
  • Optimize and diversify your menus

How Youmeal addresses the challenges of the health sector

The challenges facing the health sector

  • The dietary needs of patients are very diverse
  • Your cost constraints are very tight
  • Your food offering must offer aid to patients
  • Information accuracy is important
  • Your teams don’t have the time to worry about information

Discover the benefits of Youmeal for health sector!

The benefits of Youmeal for those in the health industry

  • Youmeal technology saves you time
  • Information quality is guaranteed
  • Personalized diets are made possible
  • Patient follow-up is facilitated
  • Cost constraints are integrated

Why is Youmeal a real answer for health sector?

The consulting role of the health sector

The health sector is moving more towards personalized diets. This is compelling numerous dietitians and other professionals, even while budgets remain tight.

Within this context, Youmeal is a valuable tool. By providing the necessary information, our recipe analysis software allows professionals to focus more on their role as consultants.

Accurate and complete nutritional information for the health sector

Adapting diets for specific profiles (sick people, major athletes) is carried out on the basis of numerous factors. Depending on the patients, professionals working in this area need to juggle researching vast nutritional data with several constraints.

Since this is time-consuming, the part dedicated to advice and sound knowledge and patient follow-up is reduced.

A focus on dietitians, nutrition consultants and hospital kitchen managers

Hospital dietitians will especially appreciate Youmeal because each patient is different, and a tool as flexible as Youmeal is a natural fit for tailor-made diets.

Nutrition consultants can follow up with their patients long-term without worrying about compiling quality information or calculating nutritional intake for menus; Youmeal does it for them.

Hospital kitchen managers are relieved, given that they have to supply thousands of meals per day all while ensuring a balanced diet and with significant cost constraints.

Verified, corrected, updated and enhanced data for all ingredients

Youmeal offers a comprehensive choice of ingredients: compound ingredients and brands or even those specific to the client. All this thanks to its algorithms and links to numerous databases. The information conveyed by these ingredients is systematically verified, corrected, updated, enhanced and put into a standard format.

Then, the recipe is automatically integrated or encoded through a simple interface. The analysis is then automatically run and the results are available within just a few seconds.

A reliable online tool for designing healthy and sustainable menus

Healing through food is well-established. It’s a crucial influencing factor, even for serious diseases. The health sector understands this and is actively looking for tools like Youmeal that allow it to be more efficient in menu design.

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  • Voici un aperçu de nos réels besoins en produits d’origine animale ! 🥚🧀🥩 Mercredi dernier, le Groupe d'experts intergouvernemental sur l'évolution du climat (Giec) a publié un rapport alarmant, dans lequel il appelle à un changement dans nos habitudes alimentaires, afin de contenir le réchauffement climatique. Selon les experts, il ne faudrait pas dépasser les 33kg/an en consommation de produits d’origine animale. Cela équivaut à 635g/semaine. 
Youmeal, logiciel de gestion des recettes, a calculé ce que cela représente. Pour une semaine :
- 200 g de viande ;
- 2 œufs ;
- 280 g de fromage (40g/jour).
Accompagnées de fruits, légumes et féculents, ces portions satisfont vos besoins journaliers, tout en respectant les recommandations du Giec.
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  • Quels éco-gestes ont le plus d'impact sur la réduction du #co2 ? Voir ici l'infographie réalisée par le bureau d'étude français  Carbone 4. Intéressant de voir que l' #alimentation à un impact considérable. Nous mesurons cet impact tous les jours chez Youmeal et n'oublions pas l' #eau et la surface de sol.
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  • Le marché et ses nombreux bienfaits :
- Acheter des produits de meilleure qualité ;
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- (Re)Découvrir des fruits et légumes ;
- Faire des économies ;
- Penser à votre santé !
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