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For innovation in food production

For innovation in food production

Food production faces many challenges. Each day, new food products enter the market. Producers know that consumers want everything from better, more competitive and tastier products to increased transparency and information. Youmeal allows you to do just that.

Information aux consommateurs et règlement INCO 1169

  • Inform your clients in accordance with EU 1169 regulation
  • Feel relaxed regarding the quality and maintenance of information
  • Optimize and diversify your product range
  • Win tenders thanks to qualitative differentiation

How Youmeal addresses the challenges of food production

The challenges facing food production

  • In light of regulation INCO 1169, you are responsible for the information that you supply
  • You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • You have extremely tight profitability constraints
  • Optimizing your products is key to your success!

Discover the benefits of Youmeal for food production!

The benefits of Youmeal for producers

  • Youmeal technology helps you to quickly and easily generate information
  • Information updates are practically automatic
  • Information quality is ensured
  • Modifications to your products are facilitated upstream
  • Reassure your clients and improve your communication
  • You’re able to focus on your core business

Why is Youmeal a real answer for food production?

Nutritional information and production

Youmeal, our recipe analysis software, relieves the stress of this challenge facing food producers.

All producers can agree on one thing. Creating a new food product is a long, risky and sometimes costly process, especially in an ever-changing environment.

Various aspects of the business are directly connected to nutritional information. Without a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool, adapting a recipe that is subject to these types of constraints could prove to be extremely time-consuming. And that’s not even considering the risk of error.

Plus, producers are responsible for the mandatory nutritional declaration as ordered by regulation EU FIC 1169.

The answer to scattered and inexact nutritional data

A food product is described by, among other things, information such as the level of vitamins and minerals, the number of calories, sugars, the environmental impact, etc.

Getting this information is the result of tedious and time-consuming calculations, especially when you have to run several iterations and all while facing cost price, quality and manufacturing process constraints. Not to mention, the sources of this information are scattered and not always up-to-date or correct.

A considerable time savings for Product departments

The Product department will quickly realize Youmeal’s added value. In just a few minutes, the software allows them to simulate several variations of their product. Quality is also ensured since it can reliably provide the mandatory FIC 1169 declaration. With the considerable amount of time you save with Youmeal’s simulations, you may even be tempted to invent new recipes.

No discrimination against product origins

Thanks to its algorithms and links to numerous databases, our Youmeal software can offer an extensive choice of ingredients, from compound or brand ingredients and even to those that are client-specific. The information conveyed by these ingredients is systematically verified, corrected, updated, enhanced and put into a standard format. Then, the recipe is automatically integrated or encoded via a simple interface, an analysis is performed and the results are instantly available.

Youmeal, a comprehensive solution for facing the challenges of food production

Future market leaders will be those who best adapt to the demands of an evolving market. Having a tool that can convey quality information in a simple and user-friendly interface is powerful.  This means your teams are then better equipped to further develop their expertise and know-how.

How much does Youmeal cost? How does the software work? What are our case studies in food production? Contact us to find out.

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