Youmeal, in the midst of an e-commerce revolution | Youmeal
Youmeal, in the midst of an e-commerce revolution

Youmeal, in the midst of an e-commerce revolution

The food e-commerce sector is experiencing a revolution. A number of new entrants are offering an ever increasing range of dishes. Information is the critical differentiator.

Youmeal, également logiciel de création de menus

  • Inform internet users and comply with regulation EU FIC 1169
  • Expand your online offering and allow users to filter based on their interests
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Inspire trust

How Youmeal addresses the challenges facing e-commerce

The challenges facing food e-commerce

  • Comply with regulation  EU FIC 1169
  • Attract internet users to your site and retain them
  • Have an extensive and appealing offering
  • Simplify and clarify your information

Discover the benefits of Youmeal for e-commerce!

The benefits of Youmeal for e-retailers

  • Generating information is practically automatic
  • Information accuracy is guaranteed

Why is Youmeal a real answer for e-commerce?

Food e-commerce and the digital revolution

The food e-commerce sector is developing at a fast pace and offers a variety of innovative concepts. Since everything is digital, the relevance and quality of information is crucial.

Internet shoppers can make decisions based on their own criteria: vegetarian or not? environmentally conscious? looking for a balanced diet, etc.

Information: the main driver in e-commerce credibility

Internet users who visit a site and order food base their choice on the information that they find. Websites are still lacking in information about the nutritional richness of their products, even when the demand is there!

Youmeal, a digital marketing tool

The marketing teams for these online stores are looking for points of difference since quickly capturing key parts of the market and retaining customers is crucial. Communication is becoming more and more directed towards health and geared to certain consumer segments: young people, women, vegetarians, athletes, etc.

Nutritional information that meets expectations

Also a product of the digital world, Youmeal is perfectly adapted to these expectations. Youmeal can provide comprehensive nutritional and environmental information that can be used based on the e-commerce site’s objectives via an online platform, which provides organization and analysis of recipes for proposed products. Filters allow internet shoppers to find items that are perfectly adapted to their needs in just a few clicks.

Meeting the need for personalization in food consumption is a key differentiation point and is a major trend for e-commerce sites that have the advantage of being very flexible in their offering.

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