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An online software for more than just institutional catering

Youmeal, our online software for institutional catering, adapts to meet your needs and helps you in complying with legislation.

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Restaurant business and consumer information

Restaurant business informs consumers, but how far? In what level of detail, to what degree of accuracy? All restaurants have the same obligation: to respect EU 1169 regulation. But the level of information is very variable. Unless you use Youmeal.

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Youmeal, the natural solution to challenges facing wholesale food suppliers

Wholesale food suppliers face the challenge of managing information for their clients and complying with legislation. Youmeal, our recipe analysis software, is a natural fit for them.

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Youmeal, a partner for supermarkets

Supermarkets have heard the consumers' need for information. Respond with Youmeal, an efficient and complete solution.

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For innovation in food production

Food production faces many challenges. Each day, new food products enter the market. Producers know that consumers want everything from better, more competitive and tastier products to increased transparency and information. Youmeal allows you to do just that.

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Nutrition is key within the health sector

With over 450 million diabetics, more than a billion overweight people and millions suffering from diet-related diseases, the health sector and nutrition are inextricably linked.

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Youmeal, in the midst of an e-commerce revolution

The food e-commerce sector is experiencing a revolution. A number of new entrants are offering an ever increasing range of dishes. Information is the critical differentiator.

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