Lors du salon Sirha, le logiciel Youmeal a démontré comment améliorer la composition nutritionnelle et environnementales d’une recette en un clin d’œil.

Youmeal participated in a cooking demonstration as part of the Sirha event’s “Cuisiner Healthy” food studio. The challenge was to revisit a recipe’s nutritional composition to make it healthier, non-allergenic and have less of an impact on the environment.

An alternative recipe for a better health and planet

The proposed recipe, in collaboration with executive chef Alexandra Beauvais of Natural Cooking, was that of banana bread. The nutritional composition of this classic cake contains 3 main allergenic ingredients (milk, butter and eggs). Its base mix was already gluten-free.

The Youmeal software carried out a nutritional and environmental assessment of this classic recipe. The technical sheet indicated a health/planet score of 22, which is relatively good for a dessert. The ingredients that made up the recipe were healthy since we were working with a homemade dessert and not one that was manufactured.

For our alternative recipe, we replaced the allergens with substitutes that had a similar or an even more interesting nutritional composition. Cow’s milk was replaced with vegetable milk (in this case, coconut milk), the butter with sunflower oil and the eggs with chia seeds.

A healthier nutritional composition in an instant!

By entering this new list of ingredients in the Youmeal software, the executive chef instantly received the new result. She found that the nutritional composition of her recipe had improved in quality and that it no longer contained allergens. At the nutritional level, fatty acid and vitamin levels had even moved in the right direction for this alternative recipe.

Clients who use the Youmeal recipe software have at their disposal all technical sheets for saved recipes, original or revised. Once saved, they can then find the recipes for which they have optimized the nutritional composition later on.

Optimizations can include a better nutritional balance, a reduction of allergens, and a better environmental record. The tool can also help balance a recipe at the request from their customers, like introducing a vegetable alternative instead of meat.

The classic recipe’s technical sheet

Bilan nutritionnel et environnemental de la recette classique

The alternative recipe’s technical sheet

Bilan nutritionnel et environnemental de la recette alternative

“Sirha TV” filmed the optimization of the banana bread receipe. This was unprecedented visibility for Youmeal, as attendees were able to clearly see the health and environmental assessments of a basic recipe and its revised version. Relive this moment live!


The full video is available on Sirha TV.

Youmeal’s presence at Sirha: a must

Sirha is the global event dedicated to catering and hospitality. This year, it took place in Lyon from January 25-30, 2019. Youmeal had to attend this event, especially considering a whole building was dedicated to new foodtech technology.

Sirah is the place to be to network with industry players. Among them were chefs, catering kitchen managers and restaurant professionals. This is where prestigious competitions, such as the “World Pastry Championship” or the “Bocuse d’Or” take place!

Reach out to Youmeal if you, like Natural Cooking, want to optimize your recipes. You can test the software free of charge for 15 days. Contact us for all of your software or subscription cost questions