L’intelligence artificielle est au cœur du projet de la foodtech : enrichir les données pour améliorer la chaîne de valeur de l’alimentaire.

The topic of buzz that brings about emotions, fears and dreams. These techniques and technologies that give machines the ability to “think” independently could be quite useful. Far from having power over the human race, it can instead enrich our knowledge and strengthen our value chains. The foodtech industry is the best example of this! AI is at work on our plates every day for better food value chain.

Artificial intelligence and food coaching

These days, we just can’t go without artificial intelligence. And the food sector is no exception to this rule! The general public and food professionals alike want more personalized food information and more powerful recommendation services. This is even at the core of foodtech: linking food and technology to improve food’s value chain.

You can’t count on two hands the number of applications dedicated to food! By scanning a simple bar code, consumers can now access actual food and nutritional coaching. Chef Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence, suggests recipes based on the ingredients in your fridge. In Belgium, the company FoodPairing predicts the interest in mixing certain flavors in order to invent creative and original recipes. Similarly, the application LifeSum, which has 25 million users, offers a super customized experience so that you can follow your diet of choice: calorie calculations, nutritional information and advanced monitoring of activities.

Foodtech and AI: intelligent and innovative food

Foodtech professionals benefit from this progress in artificial intelligence for improving service customization. Goal: to implement innovative restaurant tools for both those in the private and food services sectors. That is Youmeal’s ambition. Our foodtech software promises both reliability and intelligence in food data thanks to “machine learning” technology.

Did you know? Recent studies show that 70% of industry food articles are issued with incorrect, incomplete or unclear information. Using our sophisticated AI algorithm, we are able to qualify and enhance food data from multiple sources of information: presence of allergens, caloric levels, vitamin or mineral content, etc. Everything in one single, unified format

Not only does the Youmeal system learn from its process of comparing and qualifying data, it is also enhanced by user feedback. For a wide range of nutritional profiles, our software is able to identify an allergen that would not have otherwise been indicated or a caloric value that was too high, for example. Of course, in the process of doing so, it’s also able to automatically correct and optimize recipes.


Do you want to push the limits of artificial intelligence, too? With Youmeal, you benefit every day from more enhanced data so that you can personalize and innovate your offerings and consumer information. Try out our foodtech software.