Our vision: nutritional information for all
Our vision: nutritional information for all

Our vision: nutritional information for all

Youmeal collects, organizes and analyzes nutritional information. At the heart of the project, it’s about meeting the goals and sensitivities of everyone: people in production, distributors and consumers.

Consumers continue to demand more quality on their plate. Here at Youmeal, we believe that a balanced and sustainable diet is possible in all sectors of the industry. Even in catering, all while meeting the constraints of material costs.

Accurate nutritional information, for all

Choice of ingredients, preparation mode, improving the nutritional value of recipes, material cost management of the producer… Our efforts include the key issues of a modern kitchen. Youmeal: performance that makes sense.

  • Our mission: to become the reference for nutritional information.
  • Our values:
    • Transparency for consumers
    • Conviction and determination to change minds
    • The optimism to believe in better nutrition
    • Respect for people, work and nature
    • Reliability of our information
  • Our tools: a software providing nutritional information. With the main goal of restoring consumer confidence.

A team of nutritional data experts

Our ambitious project started at the Catholic University of Louvain in 2010. Alongside our 3 founders, we work with a number of experts in nutrition, allergies, the environment, nutritional data regulations, etc.

Thanks to these partnerships, we are always ahead of the game. Attentive to the protection of the environment and the health issues around food by including professionals in catering, producers, suppliers and distributors.

Your work is our source of inspiration

We express our values every day by respecting your business culture and understanding the requirements for material cost management in your restaurants.

We have come up with a recipe management software that adapts to the practices of all players within the food industry. Simple and intuitive, it allows you to learn about the origins of products, to understand the nutritional value of meals, and to assess their ecological footprint.

A modern solution, it meets the requirements facing your kitchen by providing labelling in accordance with regulation INCO 1169/2011.

It’s up to you to optimize your nutritional information

You have the power to change the world. To take part in better nutrition. And to reduce your carbon footprint. All you’re missing now is our technical expertise. You worry about creating, we’ll take care of the data.

Re-engage your kitchen and your clients. With Youmeal, allergens are checked, the origin of products is confirmed, the nutritional quality is monitored and, of course, the costs of food are controlled.

Take control of your kitchen.