A team for nutrition and environment

A team for nutrition and environment

Youmeal was created for and by experts in nutrition and environment. Our solution addresses the need for innovation in line with trends in the food and restaurant industry.

Our startup, Youmeal, was founded in 2010 and is a spin-off of the Catholic University of Louvain. A university project which has matured over time, it has today become a business model in which we all believe. Our team is made up of experts in various sciences, specialized in nutrition and environment, allergies, IT and communication.

We work closely with several research centers and industry clusters, which allows us to stay one step ahead of the food tech market.

Our solution has also attracted 3 prestigious investors, who have joined our directors:

  • Sambrinvest, a venture capital firm
  • ScaleUP, a food- and environment-oriented venture capital firm
  • Pierre-Olivier Beckers, the former CEO of Delhaize

Nutrition and environment experts face up against the food market

The diversity of our team is our strength, our engine. We bring everyone together to achieve the same goal: better nutrition for all.

With Youmeal, we give all food experts the opportunity to take advantage of the newest tools in food tech. Chefs, caterers and dietitians are thus armed with the information needed to guide consumers towards qualified choices. Our reactive and flexible solution allows them to respond to all consumer questions.

From the start and at the head of the project

Our 3 founders lead the team of nutritional and environmental experts.

  • UCLSophie Flaghotier, bioengineer, specialized in the characterization of nutritional and environmental impacts. She’s the one at the origin of Youmeal.
  • Rémi Tasse, specialized in business creation, investment research and the management of research and development.
  • Jacques-Olivier Vandenhende, whose strong background is made up of 13 years at Sodexo. He is the food service market specialist

At the forefront of food production trends

Our experts pride themselves in proposing the latest technologies in nutrition and environement. We follow consumer trends, all while keeping a close eye on any legal issues.

We want to understand the challenges facing the food service market. That’s why we partner with:

The solution that’s uniting the industry

Youmeal is revolutionizing the sharing of nutritional information. We have created a common tool for everyone at any step of the food production cycle. From suppliers to distributors.

If those in food services and commercial restaurants have been our past clients, our goal is to work with e-commerce, the agribusiness industry and health professionals, as well. Ultimately, our solution will be directly accessible to the end consumer.

Discover how we adapt our solution to your business.

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