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Team Youmeal

In 2011, during her final year of a master’s degree in bio-engineering, Sophie started the project and her first results were quickly noticed and awarded. She obtained substantial funding to grow the idea and develop a software tool. After five years of R&D, she believes it’s time to step outside the fold of UC Leuven. She created the company in the summer of 2016, accompanied by Rémy and Jacques-Olivier. Very quickly, major organizations in the catering and commercial sector adopted the technology and measured its power and added value. In autumn 2017, three investors joined the company. Their contribution helped speed up the company’s development and strengthen the team.

Since then, Youmeal has continued to progress and convince many food companies. Youmeal and its team are “driven” by 6 values: transparency, respect, reliability, optimism, determination and fun.


Co-founder & CTO

Sophie is a bio-engineer. Over the course of her studies, she became interested in food data and realized that there was a lot of room for improvement. For several years, Sophie conducted research on the subject, which led to the creation of Youmeal. Her colleagues know that Sophie's appetite is limitless, as is her enthusiasm and tenacity.


Co-founder & CSO

Jacques-Olivier is an economist. He worked for about fifteen years for a major name in the catering industry and had responsibilities in sales management, marketing and strategy. He is fully aware of the challenges facing this sector. Co-founder of two other companies, Jacques-Olivier is familiar with the world of start-ups. He is also naturally gifted in IT; we wonder if he should instead be our IT director since he so often helps us out!


Co-founder & CEO

Rémy is a civil engineer and holds a doctorate in fluid physics. He co-founded two technology companies in international contexts. Remy immediately detected Youmeal's potential. So he put a lot of effort into it. He spends a lot of time structuring Youmeal's organization, monitoring its financing and navigating the market. An insatiable reader, this passion helps him to develop good ideas for the project.


Data Scientist

Loïc is a data scientist. He thrives when presented with impossible problems. So, he doesn't sleep much, designs concepts, develops algorithms at high speed and all this with calm and optimism. His gears are always turning except when he is in his vegetable garden or diving in the Red Sea. Again and again!


Frontend developper

Mica is an IT developer. Calm, very attentive to details, appreciative of the beauty of well-written code, he brings his demanding touch to the Youmeal interface. His passion? Road-tripping in a truck of his own fixing.


IT Architect

Vincent holds a PhD in physics. He is one of the co-founders of B12 Consulting, which was, from the beginning, an important Youmeal technology partner. Vincent has a penchant for complicated projects and an encyclopedic knowledge of IT technologies and their uses. He loves to send us examples of inaccurate food labels and challenge us to address mistakes.



Marie-Françoise is a master of Mathematics and, when she does not have to prepare her lessons, she helps on Youmeal's project. Analytical and methodical, she participates in the improvement of algorithms through a series of tests. Aside from that, she goes trekking in rainy countries like Ireland or Scotland.


Backend developper

Benjamin is a back-end developer. With a degree in computer science and labour sciences, he is particularly gifted in software development. A sociable person, he likes to interact with his colleagues and exchange ideas. When he is not behind his monitor, Benjamin shines on stage with his theatre company.