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Youmeal, a food tech startup

Youmeal, a food tech startup

Youmeal is making moves in food tech. Our ambition? To restore confidence to the clients of commercial and collective catering and distribution. Our solution: a smart recipe management software.

Nutrients, allergens, product origins… on one hand, your clients want to know what’s on their plate. On the other hand, standards such as INCO require more rigor. Youmeal, a food tech startup, is coming to the rescue of the food industry.

Our solution: an innovative, intuitive SaaS software for the nutritional, economic and environmental analysis of recipes. In developing our recipe analysis and management software, we wanted to partake in the building of a sustainable world and to contribute to the action for healthy food in all sectors of food production and distribution.

Youmeal, say hello to smart nutrition

Our startup, Youmeal, was founded on an observation: consumers are demanding more transparency surrounding nutrition. A demand that is increasingly reflected in legislation. However, reliability and consistency of resources and official documentation is sometimes lacking.

As expert nutritionists, we have created Youmeal, a recipe analysis and management software for all jobs within the food industry: collective and commercial catering, but also distributors, producers and wholesalers.

Youmeal: catering can finally innovate

Youmeal is a spin-off of the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium that is specialized in the processing of nutritional data.

Food tech and the algorithms at the heart of our project

Our ambition? Provide all industry players the means for managing nutritional data with consistency, performance and transparency.

Imagine several hundred thousand ingredients collected in your database, then add powerful algorithms and you end up with a unique and innvative tool for managing nutritional data.

Vitamins, minerals, allergens, water consumption: no fewer than 55 nutritional and environmental data points are processed for each ingredient. It is the most detailed nutritional information in food tech.

Eat better, preserve the planet

Our project: healthy and sustainable nutrition. For everyone. Everywhere. No matter at what part of the chain: production, distribution, catering or sales.

We are determined and working hard for more transparency and food traceability. Now is the moment for you to adapt to the needs of your clients and transform your image. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to differentiate yourself and therefore to optimize your value chain.

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