Youmeal, the go-to for everyone in the food industry | Youmeal
Youmeal, the go-to for everyone in the food industry

Youmeal, the go-to for everyone in the food industry

Youmeal, a recipe management software, has already won over various players within the food industry: food services and university catering, commercial restaurants. Every day, they experience the effectiveness of analysis. Is it your turn?

The challenges of food services are complex and numerous. Everyone within food production faces unique challenges. Product origins, ingredient quality, inventory, food cost, not to mention legal obligations.

It’s difficult to integrate health issues, specific diets, allergens or environmental impact. And yet! Your clients are calling for more transparency and traceability. How do you reconcile their demands with your obligations?

That’s where Youmeal comes in. We’ve created an intermediary between food production professionals and consumers. By improving the quality and availability of shared information, we help you improve your offering, inform your consumers and to be in accordance with EU regulation INCO 1169.

Anyone in the food industry can integrate health

For food services and commercial restaurants and their suppliers, we propose nutritional analysis software tools that are among the most advanced in food tech. After analysis and optimization, an appropriate level of communication supports the end customer. By integration information on allergens, the wealth of nutrients and the environmental impacts, your services become part of a healthier and more sustainable diet.

For suppliers, we offer the encoding or import of information from your products. By strengthening our database, you have access to calculate the vitamins and minerals of your ingredients.

Prestigious partnerships in food production service

Schools, cafeterias, hospitals, and corporate and university restaurants are our #1 clients. We work with Compass, a world leader in food services. We provided services for Lunch Garden, the largest restaurant chain in Belgium. We collaborate with several large university restaurants.

The food industry is constantly evolving. Home distribution platforms, e-commerce websites or supermarkets: they all benefit from transparent communication regarding the quality of their products using Youmeal and improve their offerings.

Data sharing, for everyone in the food industry

Youmeal, an online software, was created so that everyone within the food community can integrate their data. A part is shared, all while maintaining the required confidentiality.

Additionally, Youmeal is linked to numerous external databases and runs its algorithms and advanced AI techniques to calculate nutritional and environmental values and guarantee their quality.

Everyone wins with health-focused nutrition

It’s no longer a matter of whther or not you should improve your food production; your clients want to know what’s on their plate. They want to make food choices based on health and environmental criteria.

Are you a food retailer using an e-commerce website? Are you an expert in health and nutrition? Do you work in food services, supermarkets or agribusiness? It’s time to shift to the next gear. Discover how we adapt our solution to your constraints.

It’s time to shift to the next gear. Discover how we adapt our software to your constraints.