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The Youmeal database references thousands of ingredients with extensive and high-quality information

Modular and extensive information

Modular and extensive information

Get the complete nutritional and environmental ID of your products

A precise and automatic analysis of your recipes

A precise and automatic analysis of your recipes

In just a few clicks, your recipes are integrated and analyzed in depth


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That's our project: accurate nutritional information for all, producers and consumers.


You and EU Regulation FIC 1169?

Are you in compliance with European Regulation FIC 1169?
The Youmeal software can help you.

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Better manage your food data?

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Nutri-repère, visual food information

Nutri-repère, visual food information

The nutri-repère nutrition labeling system facilitates the decisions of a consumer increasingly aware of a healthy diet.

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Is nutri-score essential to nutritional labeling?

Is nutri-score essential to nutritional labeling?

Belgium is adopting the nutri-score, a new system for nutritional labeling. Is it sufficient for a healthy diet? Let's break this down.

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Youmeal at BENEFIQ in Quebec City

Youmeal at BENEFIQ in Quebec City

The international rendezvous on health ingredients will be held from October 2 to 4, 2018, at the Quebec City Convention Centre in Canada.

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We calculate the nutritional values and environmental impacts of one of your dishes!

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Optimisation d'une lasagne | Youmeal, votre logiciel d'analyse nutritionnelle.
Diététique, Food, Nutrition

The optimization of lasagna

Watch how Youmeal, the recipe analysis and management software, can optimize lasagna using the nutritional data that it produces based on encoded ingredients. It's smart; it's Youmeal.

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Can the way you eat be harmful to your health?
Consumption, Food, Nutrition, Santé

Can the way you eat be harmful to your health?

Is what you eat harmful to your health? Eighty percent of people believe that what they eat can damage their health. But, what do they know about the food and meals that they eat every day? Youmeal was created, among other reasons, so that everyone within the food industry could inform in full transparency.

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  • Le dessert. Dacquoise à la coco, gel de citron, parfait au pequet et croustillant de grué.  #fccwb #restaurationcollective
  • Deuxieme plat. Lieu noir MSC, viennoise de Comté, Espuma de pomme de terre et poireau, risotto de carotte, vinaigrette noisette. #gastronomie #restaurationcollective #fccwb
  • Premier plat du concours. Thème : #circuitscourts #circuitsdesante. Belle entrée en matière. #restaurationcollective #nutrition #environnement
  • Présent aujourd'hui dans le #jury du meilleur #cuisiner de #collectivité. #gastronomie #restaurationcollective

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