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Youmeal, a food tech startup

Youmeal fait bouger la foodtech. Notre ambition? Redonner confiance aux clients de la restauration collective et commerciale, et de la distribution. Notre solution: un logiciel de gestion de recettes intelligent.

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Our vision: nutritional information for all

Youmeal collects, organizes and analyzes nutritional information. At the heart of the project, it's about meeting the goals and sensitivities of everyone: people in production, distributors and consumers.

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A team for nutrition and environment

Youmeal was created for and by experts in nutrition and environment. Our solution addresses the need for innovation in line with trends in the food and restaurant industry.

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Youmeal, the go-to for everyone in the food industry

Youmeal, a recipe management software, has already won over various players within the food industry: food services and university catering, commercial restaurants. Every day, they experience the effectiveness of analysis. Is it your turn?

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